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2015-2016 TEAM

The Frog Bridge Gymnastics Team Program is for those who have a passion for doing gymnastics and who wish to reach the higher levels. Our coaches use positive reinforcement and believe that if a child is having fun and getting stronger they will have the confidence and self-drive to learn. Our coaches emphasize task-oriented goals rather than score oriented goals as a healthy way to keep athletes motivated. Our coaches are equally proud of every team member who comes into the gym and tries their hardest. Practices at Frog Bridge are hard work but FUN!


Introductory team members between the ages of 5-9 are placed on the Twinkle or  Rising Star Teams and practice 2 x per week/ 1.5-2 hours per practice. The focus at this level is mastery of the basic skills found in the Level 1-3 USAG compulsory routines and building strength and flexibility. Several in-house "fun meet" opportunities are offered  to these athletes.


Team Level 1

Kelsey B. – Allison D. – Arianna K. – Ebony R.

Emma L. – Isabelle N. – Kaylee O.


Team Level 2

Hadley C. – Hazel D. – Emma F. – Kaytlyn H. – Chloey N.

Haley S. – Alexis Z. – Isabella B. – Sarah B. – Ko C. R.

Kylie D. – Tori F. – Hattie L. – Ashlynn M. – Penelope N.


Prep-Optional (Xcel Level) gymnasts ages 8 and above are generally gymnasts who wish to participate in competitive gymnastics while still participating in other activities and/or sports. Gymnasts with a love for the sport can enter the prep-op program with basic, intermediate or advanced skill levels and will compete against appropriate levels. This is a great level for preparing to compete at the High School level. This group practices 2-3 x weekly/ 2-3 hours per practice.


Team Level Xcel Bronze

Sydney B. – Zephyr B. – Jennifer C. – Isabella D.

Megan G. – Hannah G. – Migdaliz H. – Alana N.

Christina P. – Joyce Z. – Ashlynn A. – Isabella D.


Team Level Xcel Silver

Meghan B. – Kate C. – Rebecca M.

Ashlynn M. – Annie T. – Celestine W.


USAG Level 3-5 compulsory team members ages 6 & up practice 3-4 x per week/ 2.5-3 hours per practice and participate in sanctioned USAG competitions throughout New England. These athletes continue building on their basic skills and prepare for the higher level optional skills.


Team Level 3

Kybree B. – Laurelin B. – Rachel B. – Nora E.

Katie G. – Audrey H. – Eleanor M. – Gracie P.


Team Level 4&5

Esme A. – Molly B. – Fiona D. – Katie L.

Jenna M. – Kaelyn P. – Julia W. – Leilani F.

Arianna G. – Gracyn G. – Lucia M. – Macy W.


USAG Optional Levels 6 & up practice 3-4 times per week/ 3-4  hours per practice and have the opportunity (after Level 6) to qualify to Regional and National Level competitions. These athletes have a very high level of conditioning and flexibility and are performing a high level of difficulty. With hard work and commitment they may learn the skills and routines that would be considered for college participation and/ or scholarships.


Team Level 6-9 Xcel Gold & Diamond

Molly A. – Misha R. – Resia B. – Dale B. – Alexis B.


If you are interested in finding out more about our team programs please call the gym at (860)450-7001 or e-mail Becky at


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